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Whether you are in the midst of a divorce, dissolution, or contemplating either option, the potential consequences and outcomes can be unclear, uncertain and...scary. Do you need some help navigating through the process?

Divorce is like a death - it is the death of a committed relationship. You experience grief, pain, sometimes shame, and always a lot of heartache. There are a lot of different choices when it comes to attorneys who can help you - be sure to choose the one with whom you feel most comfortable.


Divorce is a crisis for everyone involved, so you want to be certain that whoever you choose to help you through the process is someone with whom you feel completely safe sharing all of the ugly feelings. I often tell my clients that they need to choose the attorney with whom they feel the most comfortable holding hands and jumping off a bridge... It can feel like you're free-falling, and sometimes the landing isn't soft and graceful, but you will survive.

Do you need to discuss your options? Call me/Message me/Text me. I would be honored to help you through this difficult season of life.

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