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Wright Law 

Licensed in Alaska & Washington

criminal defense, divorce,
child custody 

estate planning


“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2. Marriya is a friend, a mother, a fighter, a survivor, and... a lawyer. She believes that how we treat people and what we do in this life matters. She has stared death down in the face, been divorced and stood in the shoes of a criminal defendant. She wants to help you carry your burdens, because she has survived carrying her own...

California raised, Marriya grew up in the rural town of Fall River Mills. She graduated in 1997 from Fall River High School and subsequently attended California State University of Chico, where she graduated in 2001 with honors and a degree in Political Science. After graduation, she moved to Spokane, Washington to attend Gonzaga University School of Law, from which she graduated in December of 2003.

After graduation, Marriya started working full time for an attorney who practiced family law and criminal defense. In January of 2007, Marriya left private practice and began working for the Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office where she prosecuted DUIs, Domestic Violence and Property Crimes. In March of 2007, she went through a divorce. Through that process and through all of the emotions she experienced during that time, she began to understand what the family law clients at her former job had been experiencing. Despite how emotional the divorce was for her, it instilled within her a huge amount of empathy for people experiencing broken marriages.

While at first it was fulfilling, as she believed she was doing something good for the community, eventually her career as a prosecutor became dissatisfying. Marriya became tired of wearing the black hat and further breaking people who were already living broken lives. In 2014, Marriya left the prosecutor’s office for a plethora of reasons. She returned to practicing family law and criminal defense. In January of 2015, she was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant with her first child.


Thankfully, her personal battle with cancer turned out to be a successful one. It opened her eyes to the important things in life – her family, her friends and the ability to reach out and help other human beings. Cancer taught her the value of time, the necessity of loving people, and the realization that death is imminent for us all.

Post cancer, Marriya is now a mother of two young children. In 2017, her family moved to Alaska. She started her own law practice, Wright Law. After experiencing divorce (twice) and being a single mom of two young children, Marriya decided to focus her practice on family law (divorce and child custody). She also maintains a strong focus on criminal defense cases because she loves stepping in to help people on their worst days. Marriya, too, has had those days and she can provide more than legal services – she enjoys instilling hope in her clients through her services. She is always honored to walk with clients, guiding and protecting them through their own dark times.

On any given day, you’ll find Marriya at the Alaska Club working out in the weight room, or siting at the pool with her kids. You might run into her at Walmart, or if it’s Sunday morning, you’ll find her in church. She’s a mom, a survivor, a fighter, a daughter, a believer and... an attorney. She would be honored and privileged to step into your circumstances and guide you through a divorce, an ugly custody battle, and/or criminal charges.

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